Making money from home is still a dream for many housewives in India and other people who can not make money from home. They have talent, but they did not recognize it. So Foodtravelstay offers you a platform to demonstrate your talent. It offers housewives and others a platform for how well they cook, and wants the kitchen to give recognition to people across the country. In addition, for people who want to taste the local food of some states and territories, we provide the platform to order and taste the food of your choice. No matter where you are in the field, we will make sure you receive the hot and delicious food prepared by the locals in your area.

Make Money From Home

Many housewives who enjoy cooking and want the food to be tested by everyone in the country can register on our website and earn money at home. You do not need a hotel or restaurant, you do not need adequate kitchen facilities, you do not need staff and you only need interest and love for cooking. Simply cook and make sure your food reaches the people who love the food you prepare.

Suppose you live in Delhi and want to try the local food of South India. Simply log on to our website and you will get the food you want to make for the locals. If you are Marathi, but you are in Karnataka for business reasons, but would like to try local Marathi food, simply register on our website and you will receive the desired food in your area. It’s the same as when you belong to Bihar and live outside of Bihar. Foodtravelstay helps you taste foods like Bihar.

If you are interested to know the benefits from Food Travel Stay and want to be the member of this platform, follow steps:

  • Search Food Travel Stay and FTS Food on Google Search Engine.
  • Contact FTS Food: 9308091134
  • Download the Android App FTS link below:
Make Money From Home

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