Importance of Social Media

We all are very aware of social media and how it is so useful in our lives. To started with social media is one of the most important sources of information. And social media also plays very crucial role in our lives , social media helps in connecting with friends and relatives through this we all can connect with our surroundings , now a days when life is too busy that we don’t even knows about ourselves much more , but through social media we all knows everything like if we can’t watch news on TV we can hear it from social media or else seen it from social media. Today’s almost every person use social site and it is no longer only just Facebook which is one of the most wide spread social media in the world. Here are some social media apps which helps us to connecting with the world ;

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google +
  • Instagram
  • Pintrest
Social Media

These social site is very popular among all of us because today’s almost every person use Facebook , WhatsApp and Instagram . Through these sites and all other social media sites we all are aware of anything which happens in anywhere like if there are earthquake happening in Nepal and China while we are sitting in a small corner of Bihar and we know that what concerts is going to held in New York when we are sitting in small province of India through social media . It is very important to local or online business for promoting their business online.

Social media is also most important source of communication for all of us , today we are even more connected through social media rather then phone calls and messages and only because of social medial we all use smartphones thanks to this . When people share there photos and video air any updates on social media like Facebook , WhatsApp and Twitter we get to know how they are doing , whether they are enjoying their holidays in Goa or Manali and even what they are eating in which restaurants. Social media is enabled us to communicate visually which enables us to take interest in each others lives .

Social Media

Social media is also a platform for voicing your opinions and it also helps us to keep earnings . Social media is a great platform for social change , where people can raise their voice of what is wrong and what is right . The people of community find a platform to protest in social media and as a method of forcing the government to listen their demands. People are being more aware of what happening in the world .

Social media has enabled people to let the world know their talents through sharing videos and uploading videos on YouTube , it is very popular platform for artist to expose their talents in the world through which they gain criticism and feedback and in the process to improve their performance. Thanks to social network we have truly become a global community that can share in each others triumph and tribulations.

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